Vintage Vehicles

A rich library of two iconic vintage vehicles from the 1930s. Austro Fiat 1001A was a common sight in Viennese streets in that era since it was a taxi modification of the original 1001. One can't deny the optical resemblance to other milestone cars of that era - the Ford Model A for instance. The Opel Blitz on the other hand was a widely used truck from the 30s until the mid 50s - in this case it was modified to serve as a prisoner transport bus. In this bundle, you'll find long takes of interior driving ambiences at multiple speeds as well as mono engine and exhaust details. To top it off there are pass by's, numerous takes of opening and closing doors and some jalopy extras.

Format: 96kHz / 24bit WAV

Stereo Version: 2 Channels (L/R) + Mono Details, 79 Files, 3,18GB

3D ORTF Version: 8 Channels (L/R/Ls/Rs/Lh/Rh/Lhs/Rhs) + Mono Details, 79 Files, 8,06GB

3rd Order Ambisonics Version: 16 Channels (AmbiX) + Mono Details, 79 Files, 14,5GB

UCS Metadata included

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