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HEAR VR NOW offers a wide variety of high quality 3D ambiences.

If you are looking for sounds to enhance 360° video, VR or AR projects or ambiences to use in game engines or even in traditional multichannel settings from 5.1 up to Dolby Atmos – you've come to the right place. Almost everything you find here comes in different version for ambisonics, ORTF 3D or stereo.
More info on the subject in the FAQ.

Ambiences Info / FAQ

What recording gear was used?

Most of the recordings were created using a Schoeps ORTF 3D microphone array, combined with a Sonosax R4+ recorder and AD8+ converter. This combination delivers unprecedented performance: precise transient response, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a dynamic range of 135dB. Some of the recordings from the archives were created with different gear ñ please consult the technical details on the corresponding product pages.

What is ORTF 3D?

ORTF 3D is a microphone array for 3D audio and a further development of the well established ORTF stereo setup. It essentially consists of four ORTF pairs - for front, back, front height and back height respectively. If you are interested in the technical details, please consult the appropriate paper.

Why ORTF 3D?

Because ORTF 3D has a many benefits ñ in regards to format and array. It is a very compact and lightweight setup which makes it ideal for quick assembly and ambience recording. And the resulting audio format is very versatile to use ñ from 3D audio to stereo to Dolby Atmos. Last but not least it delivers a very precise spatial resolution and a pleasantly wide sweet spot.

How do I use ORTF 3D?

Since ORTF 3D recordings consist of discrete channels L/R/Ls/Rs/Lh/Rh/Lhs/Rhs, it can be readily used for conventional reproduction according to the channel descriptions. If you would like to use it for 360° video, VR or interactive projects it can either be used to drive virtual loudspeakers or it can be translated into ambisonics. HEAR VR NOW offers already processed and ready to use ambisonic ambiences. If you would like to convert ORTF 3D to suit your specific needs, please consult the following tutorials: