Spatial audio design allows to create the most immersive experiences for VR and 360° media.

Using ambisonics and binaural rendering opens new possibilities to create acoustic spaces that are extremely credible and help establish a truly authentic experience in conjunction with the imagery. Emotion is delivered more convincingly, focus is guided easily with aural cues and immersion is improved.


Five years of experience in spatial audio and a multitude of successfully delivered projects speak for themselves.

HEAR VR NOW doesn't just offer sounddesign - everything is covered from the first concept to the final delivery. Mixing sessions are conducted utilizing years of experience, state-of-the-art software and a multichannel ambisonic speaker array of the highest standards to ensure the best quality achievable for all possible delivery formats.

location sound

360° video productions demand a high degree of flexibility, experience and highest quality gear to deliver outstanding audio footage.

HEAR VR NOW stands for fidelity - not only in terms of equipment used - which is industry standard without compromise, but also regarding workflow on location. Many years of experience and meticulous preparation for the specific challenges of every single project make for a smooth process and guarantee optimal footage.


In addition to all of the above services, HEAR VR NOW also offers an ever growing library of 3D audio ambiences.

Most of the recordings were created using Schopes microfones and Sonosax recorders. The combination of portability, transient response, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, spatial resolution and sweet spot has proven to be best-in-class after exhaustive research. Hear for yourself:


A clever variety of equipment that ranges from low-cost starter bundles to full fledged hi-end setups.

If you're interested in audio equipment for VR and want to use it in your next production you'll be sure to find what you need at HEAR VR NOW. Find out by browsing through our sets or enquire for an offer that caters your very specific needs. For further information head on over


...was established by Matthias Kassmannhuber in 2020 with a clear intention: to consolidate all aspects of spatial audio design and cater them as a complete package.

Matthias Kassmannhuber has been focusing on spatial audio for more than 15 years. He gained a master degree in Media Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna at Bernhard Leitner and further developed his focus at the University of the Arts London, where he attended the master course Sound Arts. These educational milestones laid the groundwork for his ongoing envolvement with spatial audio. Apart from that he has been composing and producing music, lecturing on the subject of audio sampling at the SAE Institute Vienna and for the last six years has been working in the sound department on a multitude of feature film productions - some of them internationally awared. Since he was working on location as well as in the studio he knows how to tackle specific challanges with experience and expertise.

With the arrival of VR in the mainstream his focus shifted towards spatial audio and ambisonics exclusively. He is now using the experience gained from his ongoing pursuit of spatial audio to offer cutting edge sound design for VR and 360° video and to enhance immersion of his customer's vision. Apart from having successfully delivered many projects he is also striving to stay on top of current technological developments concerning VR, to analyze trends and to implement them in order to enhance your projects.

HEAR VR NOW is your one-stop-shop for everything spatial audio - now and in the future.