Location sound

Spatial location audio is key for VR and 360° production because it can deliver emotion naturally and it sets the stage for further sound design.

When it comes to recording spatial audio, specific know-how is very important since one cannot simply translate techniques and workflows to immersive media that may have proven valid for years on out in a conventional film recording setting.

With years of experience on location and especially in the field of 3D audio recording, Matthias Kassmannhuber of HEAR VR NOW knows very well about the specific requirements and production standards of 360° recordings and also how to cater to these needs. Therefore, a smooth and efficient shoot is assured as well as the best possible footage and complications at postproduction are avoided. Even the most extreme situations and tricky shots are readily managed due to dedicated involvement with the latest in technology - encompassing 360° video as well as spatial audio, due to the use of first-class equipment and to a creative approach to sound recording general.

Location sound at HEAR VR NOW is without exception a part of a bigger conception of 3D audio design and it is therefore possible to keep distances short and use all tools available to create to most immersive experience imaginable.