HEAR VR NOW doesn't just offer conception and implementation of 3D sound design for your 360° project - it also consults you at the most critical stage of audio post: the mix.

In order to let your vision reach its full potential, experience in spatial audio, technical understanding of the technologies involved, highest quality standards and creative flexibility are key.

HEAR VR NOW will deliver - based on ambisonics, you will receive mixdowns in every desired format and for every intended reproduction platform - be it remote or collectively. If you choose the latter you will benefit from experiencing a 21-channel ambisonics monitoring solution at the studio in the 15th district of Vienna. There, no compromises have to be made and critical assessment is possible without having to rely on the subjectivity of headphone-based monitoring.

If you book a mixing session at HEAR VR NOW you will hear what you will get - and know exactly how your audience will experience your work.