VR and panoramic video allow for an unprecedented degree of immersion.

Spatial sound design using ambisonics and HRTF based binaural rendering help raise this immersion to the next level - contrary to conventional formats, sound actually follows the view orientation of the recipient and therefore creates a much more credible illusion combined with the imagery.

Since many years HEAR VR NOW has implemented outstanding 3D sound design projects - some of which were lauded with festival appearances and awards - and can therefore draw from a rich aggregation of first hand experience. Spatial sound design makes it possible to guide the focus of a story through sound, to express emotion in a superior way or even to completely change the immersive environment of a VR project from the ground up.

HEAR VR NOW has all the creative know-how and state-of-the-art technology needed to help you realize your vision. Depending on the nature of your project, a diverse set of the latest tools will come into play - from ambisonic dynamics, to custom early reflections and impulse responses. And because conventional sound design cannot be easily translated into the VR realm and head locked stereo does more to break than to enhance immersion, HEAR VR NOW thinks spatial audio without compromise when it comes to designing sound.

It doesn't matter if your endeavor is an experimental art project, a large 360° film production, a VR game or an interactive app - whatever your vision might be, rest assured that it will doubtlessly profit from spatial audio.