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Vivo Vision


Marlies Pöschl


Marlies Pöschl, 185 films, Actrio Studio


Sounddesign, Mix


360° VR feature about a Swiss woman in search of her mother in a care home in Thailand.


Daniela, a 52-year-old Swiss woman, is traveling with her son to Vita Bona, a care home for European seniors in Thailand. She wants to visit her mother, but when she arrives, she finds that Vita Bona has been transformed into a wellness resort for the young. Her mother has disappeared. The elders seem to have been relocated to another, invisible layer of the present.

This conceptual VR film deals with the outsourcing of care that is produced by a neo-colonialist globalized economy. Vivo Vision means a way of seeing in which everything that is considered non-productive by a capitalist logic has become invisible (age, reproductive labor for instance). Care chains is used to describe when caring laborers from the global south move away from their loved ones in order to take care of someone else. Here, care chains become integrated into the narrative structure and influenced the conception of the characters.

The film mixes different genres: mystery thriller and essay film. Vivo Vision pays homage to the cinematic worlds of thai filmmakers such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul as well as the sanatorium novels of the early 20th century. It draws from a classical narrative structure that is deconstructed through different modes of alienation. The sound acts as an agent itself that opens up different spaces of perception.



Director, scriptwriter, editor and producer: Marlies Pöschl
Associate producer:
185 films, Actrio Studio
Spatial Audio Post-Production:
Image Post-Production:
Actrio Studio
Line producer:
Cattleya Paosrijaroen, Kamonpan Pakpised
Assistant Director:
Luca Storch
Director of Photography:
Parinee Buthrasri
Sound Recordist:
Chalermrat Kaweewattana
Sound design:
Matthias Kassmannhuber Production Designer: Thanissorn Taopayung

Produced in the framework of
Pixel, Bytes und Film „ARTIST-in-RESIDENCE / Staffel 6"A cooperation between ORFIII and BMKOES

With support
by BMKOES, ORFIII, Land Salzburg, Stadt Wien Kultur, Otto-Maurer-Fonds, Bildrecht


Content Vienna Award by Vienna Business Agency


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